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i have a soft spot for indie authors because i am one! here are links to my own free (and cheap!) YA books.

happy reading!

ghosts of july (shamans of the divide: book one)

July Henry’s always assumed shamans were the loincloth-wearing green trolls in the latest game techies rave about.
But suddenly she’s on a crash course to becoming one when the newly dead begin wandering through the desolate town of Shades, WY in search of answers.
Only Renn Hollingsworth, half-Shoshone and all-confusing to July, believes her and holds what may be the key to saving not only themselves, but Shades as well.
It’s an ancient society that guards the length of the Continental Divide, the source of all creation in the myths of many Native American tribes. An old-boys’ club that doesn't welcome outsiders, July’s about to show them what a little girl from Denver can do when it comes to protecting the ones she loves.

fall into fire (shamans of the divide: book two)

On her own under council training, July comes face to face with a new evil. A vindictive, vicious spirit known as Red-Woman has been set loose and uses her uncanny ability to incite jealousy in the group and nearly causes its undoing. Renn returns and together, he and July will have to face the truth of where he comes from and where she's going.

vertigo (shamans of the divide: book three)
July and Renn, along with a new generation of Council members have uncovered that a rash of recent violent activity is linked to an opening in the Divide--a deliberate opening. Someone inside the group is seeking power and immortality far beyond what the Council can handle and they must act quickly to bind the evil, and the betrayer, back into the spirit realm.
AVAILABLE: January 19, 2015

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