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Review: The Dragon King and I (Adrianne Brooks)

I have a bit of a problem when it comes to fairy tale retellings,especially ones with a romance and adult twist to them. They cause me problems. They keep me up late at night, way past my bedtime. They stick with me if they're well written. I love them. I'm addicted to them.

That said, I also hold them to pretty high standards because it's getting harder and harder to stand out in a saturated fairy tell crowd.  I read the recommendations on Goodreads for "The Dragon King and I" and figured it would be worth a try, even if dragons have never really been "my thing." Werewolves? Yes! Dragons and vampires? Not always.

A quick summary: Alex(andra) Greyson is cursed. She's got this "siren" aspect about her that causes men to lose their minds in an effort to "save" or "protect" (or even maul and sexually assault) her. When a man dies trying to return her umbrella, she knows things need to change.

That change comes in the form of one Amazonian stripper/fairy godmother named Seraphim. Who's really Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty fame. With me still?

Seraphim/Maleficent, despite lacking the usually fairy godmother credentials is actually pretty good at her job and she's one of my favorite characters. My only complaint is that she didn't get enough "screen" time for my likes.

She sends Alex on a quest to remove the misguided blessing (also known as a curse) and sends along an afflicted dragon-man named Sam. Sam's got his own problem as leader of his clutch of dragons. He's sick and the longer it takes to fix his problem, the more of his type are dying.

Add a demented piper, a whacked out mother, a goblin, a demon genie, a whole slew more aggressive goblins, a creepy fairy head with pig tails and the ability to "mind speak" and we've got ourselves an adventure, folks.

Alex needs a list of items (including...gasp!...a dragon's heart) to break her spell. Sam needs a dire solution to his problem and the pages in between hurtle us toward the story's conclusion...and the possible beginning of the next story. Sign me up.

I noticed a few reviews on Amazon griping about a misspelling or grammatical error here and there and I'm pretty sure I noticed it when I read it, but it never pulled me out of the story. The story wholeheartedly sucked me in. I'm hooked.

A bonus.

I rarely read the end matter of books, but I'm so glad I did. There's a note from Adrianne Brooks that really sealed the deal for me and made her one of my favorite authors ever. From the back of the book:

"Dear Readers,
       At the time this all started, I'd thought that I would give up writing after the completion of this book. I never expected so many people to like it, but I'm glad you all did because it encouraged me to keep doing the thing I love the most.
      So thank you, and if you're at a point in your life where you need a sign to keep're looking at it right now.
       ---Adrianne Brooks"

Call me a sucker for sentimentality, call me someone at that point of abandoning a writing career....but I loved this little part of her book and I love her as an author so much for this note.

Happy reading!

Next book in Fairest of Them All: "The Frog Prince" ($0.99)


TitleThe Dragon King and I

SeriesFairest of Them All

AuthorAdrianne Brooks

Publisher: Rascal Hearts

Author Website:
Author Facebook: Adrianne Brooks Facebook
Author Twitter: @AdrianneXBrooks

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