Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Call of the Herald (Godsland Series: Book 1)

From the outset, I've never considered myself much of a fantasy buff. Part of it stems from the fact that I've never known where to start, but mostly it's because I get stuck in my reading ruts. I love fairy tales. I love angsty love. And sometimes, I love them a little too much.

"Call of the Herald" sat on my Nook shelf for a few weeks before the cover finally called to me. The illustration is eye catching and while I was certain there wasn't the usual love story/teen drama I love so much, I figured I could use a change of pace.

The story is a coming-of-age saga centered around a teenaged Catrin and her friends. Catrin recently discovers she has a whole host of latent superpowers that arrived about the same time a mysterious shower of comets. 

A distance kingdom, the Zjhon, are acting on an ancient myth that the herald of the the comet/goddess will bring the end to their civilization spurs them into a fairly violent invasion in search of Catrin.

Taking to the hills with a few friends and a sworn protector (Benji, one of my favorite characters in the book), Catrin embarks on a wild ride trying to outrun the Zjhon to escape by sea back to the Greatland.

The plan goes a bit awry by the end of this installment and Catrin finds herself separated from her guardians, though growing more powerful and more fearsome with each day. She's coming into her own as Herald and is set to defend her friends and her homeland against the violent invaders.

The saga continues with Rathbone's "Inherited Danger," available for $0.99 from most e-retailers.


Title: Call of the Herald (Godsland Series: Book 1)

Series: Godsland Series

Author: Brian Rathbone

Publisher: White Wolf Press, LLC

Author Website:

Author Twitter: @BrianRathbone

Price: FREE

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