Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review: Enchantment Lake

"Drowning, Francie thought. That's what this was like. You plunged into the cool, quiet darkness of the theater from the hot, bright street and sank into the gloom of the back rows of the house. And waited. Waited for the air to be squeezed, slowly but surely, from your lungs. Waited while your nerves frayed. Waited for your turn to audition."   (Enchantment Lake, opening page)

Seventeen year-old Francie's been called to the Land of 10,000 Lakes when her aunts believe the old folks living along their lakefront community are being picked off one by one. She relents and it's nothing but tremendous fun and kooky neighbors when her shoes hit the shores.

One of my favorite things about Enchantment Lake is the neighborhood, which is being threatened by unwanted development (invasive roads, potato fields!), and the people who inhabit it. They're kooky, they're tight knit and they're mad for baking bars, breads, casseroles, and cookies...and forcing all of them down Francie's throat. They're unique and charming and they make me want to grab a boat and a fork and show up for the summer. I saw a lot of my goofy relatives in these retirees and they made great comedic foils for our girl, Francie.

My biggest takeaway from Enchantment Lake was that I've found a next-generation Nancy Drew for my daughters (and myself!). Francie is sharp on her feet, fearless and inquisitive, much like the teenaged sleuth I grew up reading  (The Secret of the Old Clock...who's with me?!)

This book was fun, it has a whip-smart heroine who's well tested and put in a position where the reader hopes (begs?) for more Northwoods mysteries!

Well done, Ms. Preus!


Title: Enchantment Lake

Series: Northwoods Mysteries

Author: Margi Preus

Publisher: Univ of Minnesota Press

Price: $15.99 (released in March 2015)

Author Website:

Author Twitter@MargiPreus

(NetGalley provided the complimentary ebook, I provided my own opinion!)

Goodreads review available here.

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