Monday, December 22, 2014

Spotlight Book: Bion and Freya (Red Key - Asia & South America)

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Bion & Freya: Red Key - Asia & South America
by Jennifer Chase

Into the dirty world of sexual slave trafficking a young man works for an illicit operation. On the other side of the world a young woman endures another kind of slavery. Somehow the two are destined to cross paths, but not necessarily at the same time. In the struggle to find meaning, they are drawn into exotic places, adventures, situations and relationships, all of which appear unrelated. 
Or are they? 
Several plots are interwoven in this dramatic, tense and mysterious, yet at times humorous, voyage across decades from youth to adult, through the hero’s journey towards a destiny which includes romance and spiritual soul-mates.
 It is a surprising journey; one that will have you wanting to read the other books in this uplifting trilogy.
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