Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spotlight Book: The Incredible Adventures of Jake Astro

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The Incredible Adventures of Jake Astro (Volume I)
by Ashley Sherer

All Jake Astro wanted to do was to find an honest job...

The Mystery of the Ancients Trilogy

Part I

Jake Astro and the Missing Professor
Follow Jake Astro and his co-pilot Mikja as they lead an expedition to a jungle world in search of a missing professor and a million year old lost civilization.

Part II

Jake Astro and the Temple of Death
The second part of the Mystery of the Ancients trilogy finds the adventure continuing with a search for a lost temple of the Ancients that holds the key to unlimited power.

Part III

Jake Astro and the End of the World
Can Jake and company stop an ancient device from destroying a world or worse, being sold as a weapon to the highest bidder?

Jake Astro and the Island of Doom
Jake and his new co-pilot make a delivery to a mysterious island where nothing is what it seems and danger lurks around every corner.

Jake Astro and the Wandering Ghosts 

Jake and Mikja find themselves in a haunted mining town where a misunderstanding makes Jake the new town sheriff.

About the Author:
Ashley Sherer grew up in the golden age of sci-fi, cryptids and cartoons(the 1970s) and developed a lifelong love of all three. It didn’t matter if it was Steve Austin battling Bigfoot, Leonard Nimoy going ‘In Search Of’, or the Super Friends saving the world, he was hooked. His first novel, a collection of short stories based on the adventures of spaceship captain Jake Astro, is due out this Fall. Ashley works as a full time software engineer at a life insurance company when he isn’t writing.

Links to buy the book: Amazon 

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