Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Witches: A MoonBird Review Series

I love grouping things into neat little piles. Earrings. Art supplies. Pencils. You know what I mean...

Lately I've been reading in what I can only call a "scattershot" pattern-- a little dystopian here, some ghost stories here, but never two books in the same YA subgenre in a row and it's leaving me feeling a little disjointed.

In all my book travels, I've picked up on a trend I'm enjoying, through--witches. I love them lately. Not just the pointy hatted foils to Dorothy or Hansel and Gretel...but women (young and not-so-young) developing, honing, and using a plethora of powers for good (and other purposes).

I figured the long, dark days of winter would be perfect for a review series celebrating my favorite witches in YA, so between now and the first day of Spring (March 20 this year), I'll be posting reviews, videos and giveaways as these long days of winter crawl along.

What do you say? Are you in? Review any book you like with a witch-esque theme and tag the link on twitter with a #winterwitches tag and you could find yourself the lucky winner of a prize package (details announced later!).


Jan. 21: Breath of Frost (Lovegrove Legacy, Book One) by Alyxandra Harvey

Happy Reading!


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