Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Fae (Fae Series #1)

This book wasn't an off-the-blocks winner for me, if we're being totally honest. (And I'm tired and sort of sugar-deprived, so I'm honest right now). 

I wasn't an instant fan of either leads, Caroline or Devilyn for no other reason than Devilyn was sort of a creep and Caroline's internal dialogue about him (constant! from the get-go!) drove me a teensy bit batty.

But then I gave the book a chance. And I absorbed the mythology that the authors wove--descendants of the original Lost Colony are really linked to light and dark fae. Caroline's everything that's Light. Devilyn's heir to the dark fae throne, though he's got a dash o' the light fae himself. 

It's really a unique take on seelie/unseelie which I absolutely love--especially tying it to Roanoke and our own, uniquely American mythology of the pilgrims and early settlers. 

In typical YA style, Book One's a whole lot of one lead trying everything they can to keep the other lead from liking them. Because they're doomed. Prophecy says one lead is going to die, yada yada yada...

That's what I love about teenagers, though...give them an inch, they take a mile. Tell them that if they become an "item," one will die an honorable (but still not-living) death saving the world, they're drawn to each other like a couple of hormonal magnets.

WHAT I LOVED: Good gosh, I loved Devilyn's ease and charm by the middle of the book. I imagined a young James Franco for some reason. 

I also enjoyed the dual viewpoint, though I wasn't sure I would. Turns out, it's great and I got a lot out of knowing both of their thoughts.

WHAT WAS DIFFICULT: My biggest complaint was the off-scene prologue-y pages that started each new chapter. I didn't need it, necessarily, and more of the bad guy's shenanigans could have occurred with our main cast in real time, if we're being perfectly honest.

The saga continues with The Dark King. Read my review.


Title: Fae

Series: Fae Series

Author: CJ Abedi

Publisher: Diversion Books


Author Twitter@cjabedi

Price: 2.99 (Ebook)

Book Source:

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