Sunday, January 11, 2015

Project Spotlight: The Elements by Ricky Goodall

The Elements

By Ricky Goodall

The Elements is like the law of attraction combined with human biology and psychology, quantum physics, NLP, ancient history and more.
Have you always wanted to travel to other countries but can't seem to get the time or money?
Have you always wanted to be a musician, athlete, business owner, a happy parent or some other dream you aren't living yet?
Do you suffer from the fear of not paying bills or providing for yourself and your family?
Do you struggle to find enjoyment in your work and feel as if you're in a vicious cycle of just getting by?
This book is for anyone who has the courage and imagination to dream the big dream.
This book is for those who who desire change in their lives and have the determination to make it happen.
This book is for those who just know there is something more to life because they can feel it in every ounce of their being.
The Elements is a 55,000 word nonfictional strategic guide to manifesting the life of your dreams. It is a product of 18 months of research into everything from the nature of the universe to the habits and belief structures of some of the most successful people in history.The book contains detailed chapters along with effective homework to help the reader get their life in alignment with their dreams right away.
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