Monday, January 26, 2015

Spotlight Book: Planning Your Corporate Escape

Spotlight Books are specially selected reads at great prices! Read on for this week's Spotlight:

Planning Your Corporate Escape Early Retirement & Financial Independence Guide: Quit Your Job 10 Years or Less

by M Tayah

Retiring at the age of 30 and 40 is becoming popular as more people realize working should be optional. If you desire to spend your life doing other activities or hobbies, the planning your corporate escape series guides will help you achieve your goal to become financially independence. This is the first book part of a series of 5 books guiding you in planning your escape. The financial theory can be applied to families or individuals seeking to achieve financial independence. Challenging the conventional theory in our society that you have to work until the age of 65-80. You can apply these same strategies as I and many other escapee have to achieve your dream.

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