Monday, January 26, 2015

Spotlight Book: Spun--101 Movies to Recreate Your Reality

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Spun: 101 Movies to Recreate Your Reality
by Primrose Roberts

Through the magic of movies, we have spun the most wondrous tales that seek to interrogate, inspire, heal, guide, and entertain us. These movies speak of universal themes that orient us as to what is valuable and essential in life. They show us how to find meaning and purpose in our own lives. They teach us the right way to act. They evoke emotions that inspire us to change. They not only show us how the world is, but how it ought to be.
By exploring the hidden structure of 101 Movies through the lens of the Law of Attraction and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, or the Hero’s Journey, we learn the secret formula that reel life heroes use to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. This unique approach offers a fascinating new method for analyzing and appreciating movies. It also acts as a powerful guide for anyone wanting to discover how to recreate their reality by rewriting the script of their lives.

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