Monday, January 19, 2015

Spotlight Book: Real Estate Investing: My First Year

Spotlight Books are specially selected reads at great prices! Read on for this week's Spotlight:

Real Estate Investing: My First Year
by Charlene Dior

This is a Real Estate Investing Case Study for Beginners. When I first decided I wanted to invest in real estate I wanted real information about what to expect. This book walks through actual properties I purchased my first year in real estate investing. It's detailed account of my investing experiences not simply a general overview of real estate investing. I've outlined the actual properties I purchased, my real timelines and costs, the contractors I worked with (and the one I had to fire) and more. 

This is not a get rich quick book that paints only a rosy picture. This is a factual account of my first year in real estate investing intended to provide a real world context to starting in real estate investing. 

You will learn: 
How I Found My Investment Properties 
How I Financed My Investment Properties 
What My Actual Out of Pocket Expenses Were 

I also share my advice on: 
Getting Started 
Working with Partners 
Deciding whether to take a potential real estate deal or not

Links to buy the book: Amazon

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