Monday, January 12, 2015

Spotlight Books: CELLOGIRLS

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CELLOGIRLS: Identity and Transformation in 2CELLOS Fan CultureEdited by Elizabeth Simpson, Carolynn L. Segers, and Pam Pieroni

CELLOGIRLS: Identity and Transformation In 2CELLOS Fan Culture is at once a celebration of an emerging global culture born from social media connectivity and a commentary on gender performativity and music fandom. The book includes 13 essays written in first-person by active engagement fans who found community within the cross dialogues of the band's social media feeds. They come from North and South America and Europe. Their age difference ranges some 40 years. Collectively, they epitomize fangirls. The stories of friendship and shared experience amongst the writers are engaging and spirited. The personal interactions of the girls with the musicians who have delivered inspiration and self-esteem to them through their musical talent and their reciprocal respect is both thought-provoking and joyous.

This Fun Yet Thought-Provoking Anthology Includes:
  • Foreword on Fandom and Fan Culture by Molly Segers
  • Compelling Introduction on Fandom and the Concept of the Muse in Art and Music
  • Special Chapters from Luka Šulić, Stjepan Hauser & Dušan Kranjc of 2CELLOS
  • Bonus Chapter on Emil + Dariel, AGT Finalists, Season 9
  • Information on How To Share YOUR Fan Story
  • ˃˃˃ A New Fan Anthology With a Female Voice
How they celebrate their fandom calls into question the broadly accepted opinion that female music fans are principally emotional in their fandom and music appreciation. Aside from the usual reputation of fans being groupies or crazy stalker chicks, CELLOGIRLS differ from the traditional opinion of fangirls in general. Part academic and part fan writing, CELLOGIRLS does great job exploring fangirls, fandom, and the culture/community around these concepts.

"Fans are among the most active, creative, critically engaged, and socially connected consumers of popular culture and that they represent the vanguard of a new relationship with mass media." ”"Henry Jenkins

˃˃˃ Have You Ever Wondered What Kind of Person Becomes a Fan, and Why?

In this fan anthology, you will go on the adventure of becoming a 2CELLOS fan. You'll get a keen sense of what makes each fan so passionate and you'll see how fans come together to create community. In CELLOGIRLS, your questions will be answered because you get an intimate peek into the lives of thirteen fans from around the world as they share the emotionally honest accounts of their own experiences. Each chapter, written independently, forms a narrative arc of personal transformation and community through collective fan culture. For many of the authors, English is not their primary language. The editors have chosen to leave the character, color, texture and tone of each author intact, rather than diminish each personal fan identity.

Volume 1 Contributors

Annelis Kores
Vicky Houle
Zanna Jezek
Valentina Gomaz
Lucija Milutin
Mina Guja
Zynnia Jezek
Barbara Vesanović
Ana Marija Varaždinac
Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Stéphanie Loubier
Lucija Kustura

Carolynn L. Segers
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