Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spotlight Project: The Pop Up Art Book by Poposition Press

The Pop Up Art Book from Poposition Press

We're Poposition Press and we make pop-up books with visual artists, transforming their artwork work into three dimensional pop up spreads. We're here to let you know about our new book, The Pop Up Art Book! 

About The Pop Up Art Book 

The idea behind this group book is to represent a wide range of contemporary art styles in an exciting new pop up format, and our ultimate goal is to get this book in as many of your hands as possible. After creating and self-publishing our first book, Pop Up Funk with artist Jim Mahfood in 2013, we reached out to other artists with the same simple concept: to take their art apart and then re-construct it as a three-dimensional pop-up spread.

Making A Pop Up Book 

Working closely with each artist, we picked out the best artwork that we thought would lend itself well to a pop up, and then worked on digitally cutting out each piece of art as well as the corresponding paper engineering required to make it work as a functional pop up spread.]

Why We Need Your Help 

With our first book, each of the 100 copies we made were printed, digitally-cut, hand-assembled and bound by two of us here in West Palm Beach, FL. The entire process took us a little over a year. This is about how long we've been working on designing the pages for The Pop Up Art Book.
Making a pop-up book is very time consuming, and it can take many revisions to get just one page to work just right. But designing the book is only half of the work (or less!). Get this: all pop-up books are assembled entirely by hand which means each copy of every pop-up book ever produced is handmade, piece-by-piece, page-by-page. So in order for us to get the book in as many hands as possible we need to outsource the assembly aspect of the book, which is why we're on Kickstarter!
Project Information available on Kickstarter

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