Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spotlight Book: Think and Get Sober

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Think and Get Sober
by Edward Murphy 

THINK; Direct one’s mind toward something 
GET; Seek and obtain 
SOBER; Not habitually drinking alcohol 

The present cultural debate about problem drinking labels it as an addiction in terms of it being a disease rather than just poor choices. This has allowed the A.A, 12 Step disease theory of alcoholism and the promotion of powerlessness to go largely unchallenged as the only rational and viable cause and treatment for the abusive of alcohol. 

This book seeks to change this. It shows the absurd implications of the disease theory, substantiated by known empirical evidence, relevant logical argumentation and the real life experience of the author. It lays out a coherent framework upon which one can make sense and understand how we get into trouble with alcohol and how to get out of trouble with it. 
Using simple exercises and techniques, you will be shown how in 30 days you can reset your body and mind to where you are in a position eliminate the “Problem” from drinking whether you choose to moderate or abstain from it. We will show you how to look at your drinking in a nonjudgmental sober way, while explaining that YOU and only YOU make the final decision on what course of action, if any you want to take. 

It is my Fervent hope that this book will bring sanity to the discussion of 
Problem Drinking and Getting Sober

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